Custom Software Development

A unique product, just like your business idea.

TechRivo is a leading software development firm. The highlight of our work is Custom Software Development, specialized on App Development. Our team of software developers has wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for proficient delivery of custom software development projects. 

We believe in building fail-safe online networks for your business. The full-cycle software development services we provide are the following: consultation and planning, designing and building, launching and managing. 

We help you on all the steps of the cycle.

Consultation and Planning

Start developing your project with a consultation and planning session. During this period, you will set the milestones that you want to accomplish. Our team of experts will help you set the main goal of your product and develop a plan for action.

Designing and building

The second step is to begin designing the product. Having a clear goal to follow allows a coherent design and development. During this period, you will be able to test and validate your product by developing your POC, Prototypes, and MVP.


Once your product has reached been tested and iterated on, you will be able to launch it to the market. At TechRivo, we will guide you through a correct launching. 


A remarkable product is one that keeps high standards even after it has been launched. We will make sure your product is properly managed and updated.

Technical meeting.

Know how in several industries.

From concept to code and development-to-deployment we develop reliable and easy-to-use customized software products. We have experience in remotely developing custom software and apps for businesses related to:

Perks for startups and entrepreneurs.

Our custom software development and App Development services are tailored to the need of new startups and entrepreneurs. We know building something from scratch can be quite daunting but you don’t need to worry as we’ve got your back! By using our industry-specific technology and experience we will build you highly accessible, efficient, and responsive, mobile and desktop hybrid applications.

Our expert software developers first try to develop a deep understanding of how you want your operation and then they use top programming languages, frameworks, and other software development tools to produce the ultimate solutions tailored specifically for your business.


The problem-solving approach of our team is to employ the best processes and development methodologies for developing custom development projects and products. Our cutting-edge technology and structured solutions will help your business reach new heights.

Developing a custom project from scratch is not only a complex process but it can also be cost-consuming. We also offer you ready made solutions having all the desired features, so you can save a bit of money. We take care of you in every way and our team is both qualified and capable of meeting all your specific requirements. So, if you wish to get a unique tailored product, don’t hesitate just contact us or schedule a free tech meeting, we provide numerous advantages to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

At TechRivo, we work with the best developing techniques and latest tools and also conduct regular tests to ensure perfect results every time. These methods help us build proficient products for our clientes. Our top priority is to guarantee quality. 

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