Our Team of Allies to Support You

António Gualdino

Sponsor & Operations

António is an Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the Software Development Industry.

He worked and served several sectors like the Banking Industry, fintech, and Healthcare, but also in Tourism and Automotive.

Patryck Majchrzycki

Champion & Technology

Patryck is a seasoned software specialist with vast experience in software development, software architecture design, team, and software development lifecycle management. 

He oversees technology and the way he creates software from A to Z. He always helps to find the best tech solution to partners’ business problems.

Ruben Rodrigues

Advocate & Management

Ruben has experience in the IT business for 4 years. He had been in the energy sector for one year and then moved to the AI/Data science consulting world.

His mission is to create solutions with state-of-the-art technologies to solve real-life problems. He’s also between the tech side of the business and the business side of tech.

Srdj Stanisic

Upstander & Design

Srdj has 7 years of experience working in UX/UI design field. During that time he worked on both native mobile and web experinces.

His main objectives is to understand business models and finding ways to apply design solutions to them in order to meet end client needs.

Gabriela Beltran

Gabriela Beltran

Activist & Strategy

Gabriela has experience working with startups in the Americas and Europe. Digital Marketing and Business Strategy are her areas of expertice.


Her goal is to develop strategies that satisfy the business model, reaching audiences through the best channels while building a strong brand.