Consulting Services That Fit Your Needs

By sharing their knowledge and expertise, IT consultants provide prominent benefits to businesses. They navigate companies in the diverse world of Information Technology, offering assistance with deployment, management, and maintenance of an IT infrastructure. The advisory of specialists from TechRivo fosters startup growth and helps entrepreneurs reach their goals.

IT Strategy Design and Advisory

After analyzing your goals, IT consultants ensure that your company’s practices align with its objectives. They conduct competitor analysis and monitor market trends, helping to adjust businesses to changing environmental conditions. IT advisors also work to troubleshoot current strategic problems and implement the most effective solutions. In general, TechRivo is responsible for developing a strategy centered on your business’ needs.

IT Modernization

IT modernization focuses on solutions that optimize costly maintenance of obsolete technologies. This process is aimed at driving IT agility, flexibility, and speed to market. To enhance business efficiency, IT consultants first investigate the code and overall infrastructure of long-running applications. After that, they plan improvements that may include software re-architecting, platform migration, re-coding, and containerization. Such changes are implemented to put businesses on the right path to digital transformation. 

IT Service Management

IT consultants help businesses tackle both general and specific ITSM-related challenges. They may deal with the inefficiency of IT support processes and provide solutions to speed them up or handle the inability to assess IT employees’ achievements by measuring KPIs and visualizing performance trends. TechRivo’s team also helps to configure a vendor assessment functionality to ensure a high quality of IT services delivered to users. What’s more, it can consult on the integration of your  ITSM solution with those of your vendors’ and assist with creating different workflows for each of your vendors to successfully manage cooperation with them. 

IT Cost Optimization

Effective cost optimization is rather about maximizing business value than cutting costs. In fact, spending reduction is a short-term tactic that may badly affect a company’s success. So, it would be more beneficial to consult with IT experts on how to make financial improvements in other ways. TechRivo specialists can analyze your spendings, review your current processes, identify opportunities driving out cost and bring greater business efficiency through automation and workflow improvement. 

IT Cloud and Migration

Migration to the cloud might be vital for companies looking to exploit growth opportunities. The benefits of this process include IT operational efficiency, improved security, faster issue resolution, simpler scalability, increased developer productivity, infrastructure cost reduction, and many more. IT consultants can help your company execute a streamlined cloud migration after evaluating your needs and identifying an optimal cloud model and migration strategy. Cloud deployment and testing can also be conducted by the specialists from TechRivo.

Software Startup Consulting

IT consulting companies like TechRivo can take a significant load off planning and launching new software products. Consulting experts can help with analyzing the target market, productizing a software idea and making complicated business decisions to avoid pitfalls. In general, they ensure effective planning, execution and management of new software development projects, which are necessary to maximize the ROI and deliver high-quality solutions.

TechRivo applies an outcome-driven consulting approach to help companies save resources, boost staff productivity, and gain a competitive advantage by maximizing technologies.

At TechRivo, our passion is assisting entrepreneurs with their great business ideas. Are you ready to take it to the next level?