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Blockchain development services.

Techrivo has the expertise to disrupt businesses around the world and across industries by providing blockchain development services to companies in their early adopting stages.

The development of Web3 platforms is becoming an increasingly business opportunity for companies that want to make the most of imminent technology innovation. 

The 3 phases of web.

Web 1.0

Flow of information in Web 1 applications.

In the first wave of the web (1995-2006) the users were only consumers of the content that was made available by the websites and their owners. Examples of web 1 applications are Yahoo! And MSN.

Web 2.0

In 2006 and until now, users have become not only consumers of the information but also its creators. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are examples of the heyday of this phase. This new wave was empowered by mobile access to the online space and the advances in internet infrastructure.

Web 3.0

Flow of information in Web 3 applications.

The imminent innovation of web platforms brings the ownership of its content creation to the creators. The decentralization of the application ownership is enabled by blockchain technology and allows users to monetize their data (by NFTs, for example). 

Web 3 development.

This last wave of web development stands for platforms that are not only to be consumed and created by their users but also owned. 

Blockchain, as the technology that enhances these decentralised applications, stands not only for cryptocurrencies but also opens the door to smart contracts and token-based economies that allow the decentralization of web applications. 

Blockchain development logo in a computer.
Examples of decentralized applications.

dApps - decentralized applications. 

dApps are web 3.0 decentralized applications. Some of them, replicate the features of already existing web 2.0 apps but in a decentralized economy. Although, other applications are completely new and create disruptive business models enabled by the blockchain technology. 

If you are not sure how to build your business model around a dApp, reach us and we will let you know how to start with blockchain development. 

Programming languages for blockchain development.

Most of the decentralized applications being built use Solidity object-oriented programming language to implement smart contracts, commonly in the Ethereum blockchain. 

Smart contracts are at the core of the platform’s ownership by creating the mechanism that enables decentralisation. 

During the last years, the technology advances are disrupting not only the way businesses are made but also the structure of the entire economy. Blockchain development services are now a must-have for any technology partner. Blockchain networks are widely considered to be the invention that can democratize data ownership and free information sharing. 

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