Myths and Misunderstandings in
Building Software Products


Myths and Misunderstandings in Building Software Products

As in any other area, software development is flooded with
misconceptions and myths.

Some derive from the dot com bubble almost two decades ago. Others have been brought to light only recently.

In any case, understanding and knowing how to deal with them is crucial to all stakeholders involved in building quality software.
Most of these misconceptions arose from a specific industry or specific circumstances.

Some might even have been true at some point in time,
but technological advancement leads them to become simply myths.

These misconceptions revolve around four main themes.

– The Best way to Develop a Product or a Project
– The Software Development Process
– The Developers
– The Product

For the Entrepreneur aiming to build a digital product.

Understand why some teams are successful in developing software products and others aren’t.

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Quick notes about Software Development

In many ways, building software is similar to building a Business or building yourself as an entrepreneur. After all, they are development projects of some sort that need planning.

If you are starting a digital business, you must have questions about software development methodologies, functional vs non-functional requirements, and what are the steps you need to take to build your product.

At TechRivo we guide business from concept to code and development to deployment. We will build your product following the five steps that will guarantee you success: from Proof of Concept to a Remarkable Product.

TechRivo is a leading software development company. Our team of software developers has wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for proficient software development. Our top priority is to guarantee quality. We believe in building fail-safe online networks for your business. 

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