We’re a highly efficient and distributed Team. We have three main areas of expertise: Project Management, Software Development and Information Security.

We come mainly from the banking, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Although some of us also have experience in the automotive, travel, and leisure markets.

We’re based in Europe, although we conduct Business all over the world.

Being a proximity Company and intending to stay close to the ones we Foster. All founders and shareholders have direct responsibility and accountability with each of our projects and customers, therefore we have a limited capacity to foster new projects.

The vision that unites us.

Every idea, every Software implementation, and every Business should have a fair chance to be done right.


We create Remarkable products, teams and implementations by fostering, encouraging, and guiding people with technology.


We aim to support business growth by encouraging the decision to choose the right path to  proper Implementions, that are efficient, and at the same time scalable.


Using proper systems and processes, we make software development fair and profitable for everyone. At the same time, we eliminate the uncertainty in quality,  building Value.


By providing technical excellence, we develop and create tools, business, and software that meet today’s and future challenges in an Optimal way

If you were allowed to have a partner that has gone through the path you’re about to walk? Wouldn’t you be curious to know what lies ahead? Wouldn’t you like to know what tools you should take to that journey? Wouldn’t you like that partner to help you prepare for it?

António Gualdino, CEO – TechRivo

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We aim for Remarkable Products. We focus on providing a fair Implementation!

We believe the only way to succeed is to be remarkable in every aspect of our work. By doing so, we aim to create outstanding products and services for the ones we foster.

We believe that any enterprise, any venture, any business, any single line of code must have associated value to excel. TechRivo focuses on generating that Value to its partners and allies.

Optimizing is challenging. That’s why we decided it should be part of our core. Only by optimizing what we do and what we provide,  we can reach a fair value for everyone.

Trusted by top leaders.

Syconium logo.
“This kind of support is Mandatory for anyone that is about to start on a development project. If you will build software or have it being built by someone, use TechRivo tools to get at least an idea of how will you guide your project.”
Célia Figueira
Manager @ Syconium Technologies
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“TechRivo's tools and consultants allowed me to compare between the cost of my Team and the cost of outsourcing. The values surprised me and helped me make the right decision.”
Peter Oats
Technical Lead @ RevoJobs

Our Team.

António Gualdino


Patryk Majchrzycki


Rúben Rodrigues

Product Manager

Team member Kirill profile photo.

Kirill Golubev

Backend Developer

Raquel administrative assistant

Raquel Rodrigues

Operations Assistant

Team member Anna profile photo.

Anna Pytlik

UX/UI Designer

Team member Pavel profile photo.

Pavel Rudnitsky

Frontend Developer

Team member Younes profile photo.

Younes El-Haiti

Backend Developer

Team member photo of Bogdan

Bogdan Stefoni

Backend Developer

Team member Daniil profile photo.

Daniil Pankratov

Backend Developer

Team member Misha profile photo.

Misha Kravtsov

Frontend Developer

team photo of ayoub daoudi

Ayoub Daoudi

Full Stack Developer

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